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How To Recover From NAS Failure

So you have a NAS device and you lost connectivity or you have a failed drive. What now? You might be thinking to recover it yourself, however there are many dangers that come along with that course of action. It’s always best to leave it to the experts when it comes to recovery for your NAS device.


How Do I Know What I Need to Know About Data Recovery 101

Data recovery might be a mystery to you, as it is to most people. Unfortunately the mystery causes people to lose data every day because of ignorance. Here is a course, a 101 about data recovery that will help you determine if you need data recovery, and what kind of data recovery you probably need. Trying to use the wrong data recovery tactics during do it yourself attempts can cause you to permanently destroy your data.

8 Dangers Associated with Using Free Data Recovery Software

There are only a couple instances where free or cheap data recovery software and utilities might actually help you. 90% of the time they will only make the situation worse and kill you chances of actually recovering your data. The very first step in data recovery is assessing the value of the data. If your data is valued at over $199 then it would be recommended to call a professional before you even turn the machine back on. There are many misleading factors about free software that you need to know

Eight Deadly Sins of Do It Yourself RAID 5 Data Recovery

Critical or degraded mode is how most of us live our lives. We can still function and get by, but most of us don’t realize we are headed for imminent failure. What’s worse is we all try the quick fix, do it yourself, self-medicate, and put a band aid on it remedies, before we finally get professional help only to find out it’s too late. It really doesn’t matter which data recovery company you go with SERT Data Recovery, Seagate, DriveSavers, KrollOntrack, Western Digital, they will all tell you the same thing: “It it’s better left up to the professionals if your data means anything to you.”Never the less, you need to get that drive(s) back online and reintegrated into the array.Getting Your Array Back on Track : Chances are though, if you are reading this post you have at least 2 drives down. And yes, we have a problem Houston. Unfortunately, at this point, I think it’s obvious there is no talking you out of trying to recover your RAID 5 array yourself. .

Is it Possible To Recover Deleted or Formatted Data?

Data recovery is possible in almost all instances when you think you have permanently lost your data. It does not matter whether the device containing the data has been reformatted, there is a good chance it is possible to recover the data using advanced tools that are not available readily to the public. These tools are also usually extremely expensive.

However, there is one instance where the deleted or reformatted data is not retrievable. This is in the unfortunate case when you overwrite data on the device. There is some debate among some computer scientists who claim that it is possible to recover data, even the old data when new data has been overwritten on the device. This may be possible theoretically, but practically once you have overwritten data there is no way of recovering the old data. There are no tools available to us today that makes this physically possible.

Is it Safe To Ship My Hard Drive to a Data Recovery Company?

In short, yes, it is safe to ship your drive to the data recovery company. People are insecure about shipping their drives when the data on the drive may be very sensitive, they fear the drive might be misplaced, or get damaged during shipping. Taking the right precautions can help you avoid any of these issues and remain confident in sending your drive out for service.